C-Cargo Load Sensor

Concept Nova's Load Sensing device, the C-Cargo, is the perfect solution to eliminating overloading, illegal haulage, preventing regular theft or illegal exchange, and better monitoring of driver's behaviour to enhance productivity.

Using the latest electronic weighing technology, the Load Sensor is designed to accurately measure axle load and cargo weight on vehicles/ trucks with either leaf spring suspension or air suspension.


  • Monitors date and time of events
  • Measures and monitors weight of content
  • Notification/ Alert system (based on specified events)
  • Access to monitor all information online


The Fuel Manager can also be used for fuel storage tanks that cannot be easily moved around like Farms tanks, Underground storage tanks, overhead storage tanks and Diesel generators tanks. It alerts owners of any drop in fuel level, and at the touch of a button gives total control over fuel storage.


  • Sudden fuel level drop notification
  • Monitoring fuel purchase and consumption
  • Real-time reports viewable from internet-enabled devices
  • Generator status report (ON/OFF notification)

Fuel Manager is an integrated remote monitoring solution that allows owners detect the exact rate of fuel usage in mobile fuel tanks like Cars, Buses, Vans, Trucks, Construction machines, Air and Sea vehicles.

It is a User-Friendly monitoring platform that gives the fleet manager and Vehicle owner detailed real-time analysis of fuel usage and fuel storage just at the touch of a button, accessible from any internet-enabled device.


  • User-Friendly monitoring platform
  • Access to detailed reports
  • Real-time reports viewable from internet-enabled devices

Advanced Track and Trace

With the Advanced Track and Trace monitoring device, you get to be in total control of your asset and those in possession of it.

With this device, fleet managers get alerts when certain rules defined by the manager are broken e.g. reckless driving, over speeding, harsh braking/harsh acceleration and ignition on/off. It has all the features and benefits of the Track and Trace, making it every Fleet Manager's best friend.


  • Battery storage level status
  • Status report
  • Demobilization
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Turn off vehicle lights
  • Harsh braking & acceleration
  • Visited streets report
  • Excessive idling alert

Track and Trace

The Track and Trace Solution is majorly for fleet owners, haulage and other logistics companies. It goes a step further by giving fleet managers real-time access to their drivers' accurate driving history and automatic distance reporting.

It also has a panic/SOS Button and voice/ conversation recorder in case of emergencies. This solution can be used to reduce overall transportation costs and improve productivity.


  • Driver History
  • Geo-fence status (& alert)
  • Odometer value
  • Health-checking
  • Maximum speed alert
  • Automatic distance reporting
  • Enable/Disable engine start (& alert)
  • Health checking
  • Status report
  • Fuel cut


The Basic Track Solution also known as Ti-Kon is a car monitoring device that uses GPS as well as GSM technology to monitor the location of vehicles at all times and can be viewed from an internet enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Ti-Kon allows owners to know about vehicle misuse, optimize route, and secure themselves against theft.


  • Current Location
  • Immobilization (fuel cut)
  • Geo-fence
  • Health-checking
  • Web access for easy monitoring
  • Mobile App monitoring access


C-Protect, an anti-glass break solution from Concept Nova is an invisible coat of film which is installed on car side glasses and wind shields to prevent the glass from shattering in an event of accidental glass break, theft or vandalism.

The protective film holds all the pieces together, protecting occupants from injury, as well as denying entry to a potential thief. It also comes with a sound alarm which has been developed to have a 300M radius, to scare invaders away and alert bystanders of a potential robbery.


  • Extra Security
  • Prevents loss of properties and lives
  • Prevention of injury from shattered glass